Do you like clothes? Cool, so do we.



Rep your favorite book club with this BSG tee! Not only will you be supporting the squad, but you'll also feel soft & adorable. Trust us.



BSG Tee: The Sequel

You thought one was enough? You were wrong. Be a cute goth in this special dark sequel to our first tee, which will direct everyone’s attention to your chest, for better or for worse.



BSG is proud to be an affiliate for the 2019 Refresh Weekly Planner by Workspacery.

Minimally designed and featuring the dual weekly layout loved by all since day one, the 2019 Refresh Weekly Planner is taking your productivity and planning to the next level this year with intentional upgrades that make all the difference. Shop through the below link and a portion of your purchase will come back to BSG!

Image via Workspacery.


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